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ALEXIMA was founded in 2004 by Dr. Alex Krymski, the world-renowned CMOS image sensor expert, the inventor of over 70 patents in the field and the author of over 40 publications.

Alexima started with developing custom CMOS sensors and building its CMOS sensor patent portfolio. The focus later shifted towards the design of the standard products. The core technology of Alexima are the sensors with multiple column ADCs per pixel.

In 2009, a sister company LUXIMA TECHNOLOGY was founded (www.luxima.com) . Luxima Tech developed Ultra High Speed Analog sensors, multi-channel ADCs, and the digital sensors with Analog multiplexing and the Block ADCs allowing X-Y squeeze of frame time in windowing mode.

In 2013, a branch of Luxima was registered in Florida, LUXIMA FL. Luxima FL continues the design traditions of Alexima. Alexima and Luxima FL products are sold by the same team.


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